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5 Perks of Being an Online Entrepreneur

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I love working online; I love the lifestyle, freedom and flexibility it allows me.

Today, while in a store, the store attendant asked me what my job was. I never really know what to say, so always answer along the lines of

“I’m self-employed, I do a bit of advertising and blogging”

Surprised, people often ask “How’s that going for you?”

And I want to reply “REALLY GOOD”, but I just down play it and say “it’s pretty cool”

Which is just the biggest understatement of my life. I love the work I do and I think there are some serious perks to being an online entrepreneur and here they are:

1) Extremely Low Start Up Costs
Depending on what you get into, chances are working online is going to allow you to have really low start up costs. All I needed was a good quality laptop and an Internet connection and I was set to go. It really depends on what you do online as to what the costs are, for example if you decide to do some freelance writing online the start up costs are extremely low. If you intend to open a drop-ship company, well your start up costs are still extremely low compared to a traditional store. This means there’s very little investment needed, especially if you already have a computer and an Internet connection.

2) You can work ANYWHERE
My partner and I have decided we no longer want to live in New Zealand, so guess what we’re doing? We’re just up and leaving. I have a serious love of travel and I’d rather spend my 20s exploring the world than being stuck in the same town I grew up in. So in two months, we’ll be setting off to Asia for about 5 weeks, then Europe for a few months and then back to Asia or maybe Hawaii – who knows. Because New Zealand is so expensive, it’ll actually be cheaper for us to be on holiday. I’m looking forward $7 hourly massages!

3) You’re Your Own Boss
Today I decided I wanted to go out and buy some things for my upcoming travels, so I did that until 4pm, then I went to the gym and now I’m working in the evening as I’m way more productive. If I randomly decide I want to go out to breakfast with friends? No problem, I just go. No asking someone’s permission, no having to be at work at a certain time – no rules!

4) Effort = Reward
One thing I’ve noticed since working for myself is if I work harder I see the results… in my bank account. When I worked in traditional jobs and worked really hard, I might see a little commission but often my extra work was rarely rewarded and if it was, it wasn’t proportionate to the extra effort. Now I feel like I am in control of my destiny, the more I work the more I’m rewarded. It’s very motivating.

5) No Crappy Work Politics 
I used to work in a law firm and there were a lot of office politics. I worked with some people who were relatively incompetent but because we were in a team environment, we all shared the blame equally for the others shortcomings, which annoyed me. There was gossip, bitchiness… it wasn’t the best place to be and before I left I began to resent work. I don’t really work with anyone, although my partner does the same stuff as me from home and he’s a great person to work around.

There’s also the fact you can work in your pyjamas, there’s no commute to work and you can sleep in… All pretty awesome perks if I may say so.

Do you work online? Would you love to work online or do you enjoy working in a traditional job? Let me know in the comments below!