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How Much Does Britain’s Prime Minister Get Paid?

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It can’t be easy being the leader of a country, particularly one as globally significant as Great Britain. Most people get stressed out by work at some point, but that stress must be magnified significantly when you’re having to deal with an increasingly complicated foreign policy or dealing with pointed questions in the Houses of Parliament.

It’s probably fair to say that most of us wouldn’t be too quick to jump into the Prime Minister’s shoes, but we’d surely all like to be on the same annual wage as him. But how much does being Britain’s leader actually pay? Is it worth the stress and constant scrutiny a job like PM inevitably comes with?

This infographic from Buddy Loans examines just how much David Cameron gets paid, and it might not be quite as much as you think:

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£81K after tax might sound like a lot of money, but when you compare it to Wayne Rooney’s £160K per week (yes, that’s after tax!) it doesn’t sound like being Britain’s most powerful man is quite as profitable as you might have thought.

Still, it’s not exactly a low salary, and it’s still higher than aircraft pilots, most CEO’s and marketing directors and the vast majority of other jobs in the UK. But when you consider the hours, stress and potential security concerns that go with the position, one would have imagined a more substantial pay cheque.

David Cameron also can’t be too impressed that Nicola Sturgeon (the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party) earns more each year than he does, but at least he can console himself with an expensive bottle of wine while he puts his feet up at one of the three homes available to him as Prime Minister.

What do you think? Should the Prime Minister be awarded with a bigger salary? Or does he earn more than enough as it is?