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The world is changing, quickly. The norm is no longer one-income-families, but instead two parents working to make life more comfortable. If you work in a traditional job, are a student or are a stay at home parent, you might be interested in getting into “side hustles” which are basically things you do on the side to make money. There are lots of different options, such as making money through blogs, selling things online or even trading. I never had an opportunity to explore any side hustles as I started working online because I was broke and traveling the world, but if I had these are the things I would have looked into: 

There are some people who make a full income from day trading, or trading on the Forex. I really have no experience in this – the closet things is when I bought and sold some Bitcoin. If you’re new to trading you could look at learning through a specialised company such as Learn To Trade, that can help guide you through the process, check out their Facebook  if you’re interested. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time researching and following the market. I started following Bitcoin months and months before I spent a dime on it and am happy to report I made fairly decent profits on my Bitcoin investment. 

Selling on Ebay:
I know of a few bloggers who have made a decent amount of money selling on Ebay. They often go to garage sales and buy things they think they could sell for more and turn a profit. Personally, I would be cautious of this kind of side hustle as it seems very time intensive and you need to put a value on your time, but if you were particularly knowledgable in antiques you could probably do really well for yourself. 

Of course I would suggest blogging as it is my own personal income and I’ve even written a little guide to how to build a blog. Blogging takes a lot of time to become successful, but if you’re like me and love writing it doesn’t even feel like a job. Once you’ve built a blog there are a few ways to make money from it, such as through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or even through partnerships. 

Freelance Writing: 
Before my blogging “took off” I was doing a lot of freelance writing jobs, which was easy for me as it was something I really enjoyed. I’ve made a post on how to get into freelance writing if that’s something that interests you. One thing I really enjoyed about freelance writing was that I only needed a laptop to make my income, which makes it a pretty low entry point. You could even get into being a virtual assistant or consulting online if you have some special skills to offer. 

Side hustles are a great way to transform your income, boost your savings and kickstart your debt repayment. Have you ever had a side hustle? What kind of hustle is your favourite?

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  • Thanks for the tips Christine. I haven’t looked into day-trading and I really don’t think I’m going to start anytime soon, but it seems like a good way to make (or attempt to) some money.

    I keep saying I’m going to get my collection of DVDs ans sell them on Ebay, but haven’t gotten myself around to do this yet… It is time consuming, like you said.

    I’m still trying to grow my blog so right now there’s not much income coming in from it, but I hope it will some day. Even if I don’t get too much money from it, I really enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like a bad investment.

    • Christine says:

      I think clearing away stuff you don’t use is a GREAT way to free up some cash. As I’m moving overseas indefinitely in five weeks I’ll be clearing out some things and selling them… also will be getting the bond back for my apartment which will be nice little cash injections.

      If you want to make money from your blog, it’s not too hard, it’s just whether you want to go down that route as it certainly changes the dynamic of the blog. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Michelle says:

    I like online side hustles the most. I freelance online by staff writing, managing my blog, social media management, and more.

    • Will says:

      Online side hustles are the best. Working side hustles where you have to account for the cost/time of commuting really slows up the money making process.

      • Christine says:

        One thing I really like with online side hustles is NO TRANSPORT/TRANSIT TIME.

        I have hired a young uni student to tutor my two sisters, I asked her what she’d like to be paid hourly, she said $20. I hire her for 1.5 hours total, so pay her $30 which isn’t a bad rate for a uni student here (minimum wage is $13). However it takes her about half an hour to walk to the library, she doesn’t have a car. So that’s 2.5 hours of her time for $30… not so great! Of course, she’s getting exercise which is good, but still compared to 1.5 hours of freelance writing it’s quite inefficient.

    • Christine says:

      You’re a good side hustle role model! I need to diversify my income. That’s going to be my theme for this half of the year.

  • Will L says:

    My favorite side hustle is flipping cars and working for farmers.

    They meet both my side hustle requirements:

    1) Has to be fun
    2) Has to pay well

    • Christine says:

      They both sound really cool! I couldn’t do either of them… well maybe the farming thing but it’s not really my thing. My aunty and uncle own a farm and I used to visit during the summer holidays. I have vivid memories of slipping over in a giant pile of cow shit and trying to get up and just slipping and sliding more until I was literally more cow shit than me.

      • Will says:

        HAHAHA that’s terrible! Got any pics?? 🙂

        We sold the cattle side of our operation about 10 years ago (prices were bad and mom was mad because I was trampled by a cow about that same time). So I don’t deal with shit anymore. Except we still have a horse. But yeah, farming is so technology-driven now it’s quite fun. I can play farming games on my laptop while the tractor drives itself LOL.

        • Christine says:

          Haha no pics, I was so embarrassed and remember having to be carried to the bath to clean off because I was too dirty to walk in the house. Shame.

          That definitely sounds a lot more fun! So I’m assuming you grew up on a farm? That must have been a nice childhood!

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